King of Fighters XIV’s latest team trailer introduces other SNK characters


While the King of Fighters series isn’t a stranger to introducing characters from various SNK franchises, the latest King of Fighters XIV team trailer is complete with three female fighters that are out of this world.

Nakoruru is a nice addition to the King of Fighters roster. A mainstay of the Samurai Showdown series, her fighting style looks like it came straight out of Samurai Showdown series. She focuses on quick attacks and speed which is complemented with her partner Mamahaha, who can be used as a projectile in mid-combo.

Fans outside of Japan may not be familiar with Mui Mui (Dragon Gal) and Love Heart (Sky Love), as the two characters only appeared as part of Pachinko games in the mid-2000s. Out of the two characters, Love Heart’s style looks like it came straight from a JRPG with her special attacks and Climax Special.

King of Fighters XIV will be released on August 23rd exclusively on the PlayStation 4.

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