Grodd will return to The Flash’s season 3

Gorilla Grodd The Flash

During the TCA Press Tour, Andrew Kreisberg spoke with Collider and finally has confirmed that Grodd will be back in season 3 of The Flash.

Kreisberg said:

Yes, we’re going to be doing a two-part episode that takes place in Gorilla City.

The last time we saw Grodd, he was sent away to the other Earth-2 gorilla sanctuary called Gorilla City after he was caught trying to steal chemicals in order to make more hyper-intelligent gorillas.

For those who don’t know, Gorilla City is a tropical oasis hidden away from humans. It’s inhabited by intelligent gorillas who gained telepathic powers from an alien craft that crashed. Grodd took over the city by murdering the current king, thus taking over the crown.

Grodd City

The Flash can follow the same storyline for the upcoming 2 episodes. It will mostly likely breakdown to Grodd taking over Gorilla City first and enforcing his rule on the other gorillas. Then on the second episode his will likely be his march to Earth-1 or try to take over Earth-2. Either way, he will try to take over a world after Gorilla City.

The Flash returns to CW on October 4th.


Via: Collider

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