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Sometime yesterday Reddit user DustinThaxon posted a few links that he stumbled across about artist Aziz Dosmetov. The Reddit user claims that one of the links he found is concept artwork for what appears to be Destiny 2. Although there is no verification that the artwork is for Bungie or Destiny 2, DustinThaxon notices that the concept artwork is similar to concept artwork Dosmetov has for The Taken King.

At the time of this writing, all Destiny related artwork has been removed by the artist, but another Reddit user, TravelerHD, happened to save all the artwork for the Destiny 2 concept work.

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Going through the set of artwork, it gives us a glimpse of what to expect for Destiny 2. The 3 guardians shown appear to wield new weapons possibly related to their class. And the last few shots reveal a small glance of the Traveler and the slow reveal of “2.” It’s highly possible that this could’ve been a teaser trailer made with some aspect of the game itself. Artist Dosmetov either has or currently works for AntFarm, which is the company who has made the trailers for Destiny in the past. And one of the links on Reddit was labeled “/ DESIGN BOARDS MADE FOR BUNGIE’S DESTINY-2 MADE OVER AT ANTFARM STUDIOS / ” on Only time will tell what relation these concept artwork has to Destiny 2, but at least we have a small taste of what’s to come.

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Destiny concept imgur courtesy of Reddit user TravelerHD

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