Want to dress classy, but still want to rock your geek wear? Fun.com has you covered!


Have you ever had those occasions where you were going to an event, and it’s a formal attire dress code, but the latest Marvel or DC film came out, and you just have to rock your fan threads to show your love and level of geekiness? Many times, a lot of us are plagued with the unfortunate decision to have to forego the Batman shirt – that has stood the test of time with late night movie premieres, comic book perusing, and all-out discussions with other fans – for the dreaded collared-shirt, or worse: a whole suit! If there’s one form of clothing that tends to show the least amount of nerdiness, it’s suits. If only there was a company out there that pries itself on creating a line of suits that showcase just that: a line that shows the love of nerds, everywhere. Well, Fun.com has done just that, in creating a clothing that will blow your formal mind!


Fun.com has partnered up with Marvel and DC Comics to create a line of licensed business suits that will make even the geekiest of us look decent! These suits boast a sense of stealth to them, as the suits on the outside seem normal, but upon closer examination, we get the full scope as to why these suits are incredible.

These suits, and their accessories, are brimming with fan-love, as you find the colorful lining of your suits to showcase incredible art. From one suit displaying an Avengers comics page, to the Joker’s purple “Ha Ha” in another, Fun.com has gone the extra mile to allow fans to continue sporting their favorite franchise, without breaking any kind of social protocol.

Few details are available, but more will come later. Take a look at some of the released images below:


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