Delusion, the interactive horror theatre, returns this fall with ‘His Crimson Queen’

delusion returns this fall

Delusion is an interactive horror theatre that takes scares to new heights each Halloween season. It makes watching a creepy movie or walking in a packed haunted maze seem like a tame affair. (Check out our review of the 2014 season.)

If you have been following the news on Delusion, then you probably know that the event was absent in 2015 due to the company trying to find a suitable location. Fans have been hungry for its return, and the company has finally announced this week that Delusion: His Crimson Queen will be coming this fall. It’s an entirely new production for its fifth season and is helmed by creator Jon Braver.

For “His Crimson Queen,” Delusion will be returning to the West Adams district in Downtown Los Angeles, and the new setting will take place in a beautiful villa. It features a new, original, interactive storyline where the guests will act as the children of Selene and Berke Sullivan. They’ll be transported into the prohibition era in the 1930s where their father has asked them to uncover their mother’s dark past involving the supernatural.

Think of this as a real-life horror experience where you are an important part of the storyline. Solving clues and interacting with the villa’s mysterious characters will help you survive.

Delusion: His Crimson Queen premieres on September 29th and ends on November 13th.

You can get order tickets now at The tickets do sell out fast, so I recommend getting them early.

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