Seth Rogen goes on the hunt for PokeRock


If you haven’t heard by now, The Rock recently launched his very own Youtube Channel. In less than one week he has already amassed one million subscribers and has collaborated with big YouTube personalities like MatPat, Markiplier and Lilly Singh. One of Rock’s first videos to really go viral was “PokeRock,” a parody on Pokemon Go and what it would be like if The Rock was character in the game. The Rock even enlisted the help of original Pokemon theme song singer Jason Paige to create his own version of the song.

With the release of Sausage Party on the horizon, PokeRock has returned once again and this time has caught actor Seth Rogen’s attention. I don’t know if it is because of his celebrity status, but it appears that Rogen has managed to acquire some Master Balls which aren’t even available in the game. Will they be enough to finally take down PokeRock? Find out in the video below.

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