Rare ‘The Walking Dead’ comics and art for sale through Tony Moore’s estate sale

(Credit: Image Comics)

Tony Moore, co-creator of The Walking Dead, just listed an estate sale at Everything but the House which includes some pretty amazing collectible comics and art from the series. Moore and his wife just purchased their dream home in rural Indiana. The home came with a professional recording studio built by the previous owner which Moore plans on turning into his own workspace and in-house print shop.

In order to build out his workspace, he needs to sell off the the recording equipment to start renovations. “We thought the items would be better off in the hands of people that can put them to use,” stated Moore.

To add even more value to his auction, Tony has listed original prints, collectibles, and comics not only from The Walking Dead series but also others he has worked on such as Deadpool, Punisher and Venom.

Moore discusses his favorite items up for sale with EBTH. “The signed, sketched and graded Walking Dead No. 1 is from the printer’s crate of the first Walking Dead issues sent to my house around October 2003. I was taking them to conventions and selling them for $3 a piece. One day my wife and I were cleaning out the garage and found a box of long lost No. 1s. I sent a handful into the CGC comic grading service and I got several back with really nice, high grades. This one is sketched on twice and signed.”

“Another rare piece is the 11 x 17 Walking Dead Artist’s Edition that’s got a color painting of a lady zombie’s face on the front. They recently printed 500 blank ones and gave them all to me. To date, I’ve only painted 13. They’ve never been sold anywhere; it’s a one-of-a-kind piece on a book that’s pretty rare to begin with.”

Check out the full listing of items here at EBTH and bid while you still can! Most items end Saturday, August 13, 2016.

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