Quake: Champions gameplay footage released

quake champions

After a lull in news regarding Quake: Champions since its reveal at E3, id Software has finally released gameplay footage from the new arena shooter highlighting some of the locales that will be serving as the arenas as well as showing some of the Champions abilities in action. Let’s take a look.

So we start off with a brief look at a few of the maps. We see in order of what looks to be some kind of temple, a tapestry-covered indoor arena, a misty Incan-inspired temple, a temple with an H.R. Geiger statue to make you feel sexually uncomfortable, and a castle that for some reason has a giant chained-up eyeball. (There’s my nightmare for the week).

We also get to see a number of iconic weapons in action like the rocket launcher with rocket jumps galore, the assault rifle, what is either a pulse rifle or a rail gun, the double barrel pump action shotgun from Quake 3, the classic Lightning Gun, and what looks to be some other kind of bullet automatic weapon.

The footage also shows the abilities of some of the champions in action like Ranger’s use of the Dire Orb, Visor’s see-through vision, Jinx’s phasing ability, and Scalebeards’ bull rush which will smash your opponents to tiny bits.

All in all, it looks like a promising return to form for the Quake franchise and the arena combat genre. We’ll be posting new information as it’s released.

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