New and sexy look at Poison Ivy in Fox’s Gotham


Ivy Pepper, aka Poison Ivy, was played by Clare Foley in the first two seasons of Fox’s “Gotham”. With the third season coming up, the show will be replacing Foley (currently 14) with 28-year-old actress, Maggie Geha.

In the first two seasons, we see a kid version of Poison Ivy, as if she was designed by Tim Burton himself. Fox has released a new photo of Geha as Poison Ivy, and she’s definitely looking different.

According to TV Insider, an escaped monster from Indian Hill has transformed her from a teenager into a full-grown woman. Let’s see if she’ll be able to seduce young Bruce.

Maggie Geha poison ivy gotham-193889
(Photo: Kevin Lynch/FOX)

Gotham’s third season premieres on Monday, September 19th, at 8 p.m. PT/ET on Fox.

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