NASA has released new photos of Mars

Image Source: NASA

Image Source: NASA

NASA has released a ton of new photos of Mars. NASA’s space camera, called HiRISE, part of the Reconnaissance Orbiter, has been orbiting Mars for the last 10 years, all the while capturing photos as it drifts through the space surrounding the red planet.

HiRISE has taken some AMAZING photographs. Giving a full range of color to some photos that otherwise would have been just Red, the clarity of these photos are breathtaking. It is very easy to make out the landforms and regions of the planet, almost as if you were actually hovering above it yourself.

Here are some of the photos that have been released (all images via NASA):


Eos Chasma, part of the largest canyon on Mars


The Kolhar North Pole Dune.


In impact crater can clearly be seen with scorch marks.


Eruptions of dust created by surface temperature of the planet.

One of Mars's Polar ice caps.

One of Mars’s Polar ice caps.

Click here to learn more about HiRISE and to see more of the photos taken of Mars.

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