IOYS Studio creates 3D figurines of your photos


Looks like the selfie game has gone up another notch. Social media has pretty much encompassed a majority of our lives and there’s nothing more cliche about social media than the selfie. Most people that love to take selfies are labeled as narcissists, however, what would you label them if they decided to do a 3D print out of their selfies? Well, you can find out soon because there’s a studio in Seoul Korea called IOYS that will take a 360-degree photo of you, and then print out the image in 3D. They then paint the printout of you to the colors of your clothing creating your very own figurine. They range in cost from $99 – $300 though, so be prepared to spend if you want something fairly detailed.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking, “What a time to be alive.” I won’t blame you for thinking that since this company can create these figurines in a day or less. There are a few companies here in the United States that provide this, however, it takes weeks for them to develop the figurine for you. With IOYS, you can take a photo and pick up your figurine of yourself the following day. I wonder if it would be considered creepy if you had figurines of all your friends on a shelf in your room….

Check out the video about it here:

Source: New York Post, IOYS

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