Edgar Wright endorses Anna Kendrick for Squirrel Girl film

Just a few weeks ago, we told you that Anna Kendrick was interested in playing Marvel’s beloved Squirrel Girl in a feature film. As it turns out, she’s not the only person who wants this to happen. Edgar Wright, who directed Kendrick in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, is now endorsing her to play the critter-based hero.

Many actors who were in that movie have played, or will be playing, various superheroes, like Brandon Routh, who played Superman, and Chris Evans, who played both the Human Torch and Captain America. In a recent tweet, Wright lists the heroes who actors from his film have portrayed or will portray and expressed his desire to add Squirrel Girl to that list with Kendrick playing her.

“In Scott Pilgrim: Superman, Cap America, Human Torch, Punisher, Cap Marvel, Lego Robin & The Atom. Get @AnnaKendrick47 a Squirrel Girl film.”

Kendrick responded kindly to the tweet as the two continued to joke about who Squirrel Girl would have to battle in a possible feature film even though development on a Squirrel Girl film is currently non-existent.

Via: Comic Book Resources

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