A look into Harry Potter and The Cursed Child

Although some people are still upset about the new Harry Potter and The Cursed Child book, doesn’t mean it wasn’t successful – right?

Recently, short after the release of the book, a clip was released on Pottermore that gives us a behinds-the-scenes look at what’s to come for the stage adaption. A scene of Harry and Ginny kissing in the middle of the clip below is what everyone’s talking about! Check it out.

Even though we’ve already seen what the cast looks like, I have to admit that I adore Jaime Parker as older Harry Potter. (Don’t you agree?)

‘To me it is actually quite interesting to hit roundabout the 40 mark of your life, and consider how things affected you profoundly when you were 11 going on 17, and how that is going to come into play into your life as a dad. That’s where the play gets juicy for me. I’ve never worked on a play where I’ve heard audible gasps from audiences. [The audience] is desperately hungry to be told this story. They’ve been nothing but wind in our sails from the very get go,’ he said. ‘And it’s a joy,” says Jaime Parker in the video above.

I’m currently powering through the book, and I cannot wait to reveal what secret it’s hiding. I’m even more excited to see the play for myself! What about you?

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