New indie ‘Lost Soul Aside’ looks amazing

Lost Soul 1

Lost Soul Aside is a fantasy-action game that looks to set the new standard for what Indie means. The 5-minute trailer below shows off everything we would expect out of a fully-funded AAA title.

The action is very reminiscent of popular action titles like Devil May Cry and Ninja Gaiden and mixes in some more fantasy elements that are almost Final Fantasy-like.

Throughout the trailer we see multiple biomes the player will travel to including snow, skies, forests, and multiple others while searching through the open world environment. The game follows the unnamed protagonist and is apparently the greatest hope for man in its next battle against an unknown force of monsters. He states in the trailer, “It’s not for saving the world, just for saving myself.”

It’s unclear if this will be the character’s motivation all the way through the conclusion or just at the start of his journey. If he maintains that motive through the entire game, it would make the story all the more unique in my eyes.

Lost Soul 2

It should be noted that Lost Soul Aside is being created and developed on UE 4 by a single person Yang Bing. This game looks to check all the boxes for me and is one of few games to invoke an honest “Wow” I’m excited reaction in a long time. I personally look forward to this one coming to fruition.

Check out the trailer below and let us know your thoughts.

If you’d like to follow Yang and Lost Soul Aside directly, you can do so via his Twitter or Facebook.

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