Is Starcraft HD happening?

Terran theme

The original Starcraft used to be the main staple of any LAN party, and even today is still heralded as one the best RTS games of all times. Korean site iNews24 is citing multiple sources stating that Blizzard is going to announce an HD version of Starcraft this September. It’s rumored that the game will function the same as it used to but with improvements to its user interface and better resolution.

It’s unclear as of now what other upgrades the game may get, whether they used 2D or 3D graphics, or whether or not it will include its expansion, single player/multiplayer, or any other new features to help it align with current game’s online infrastructure.

We will have to wait until September to see if these Terran rumors are true. If true Blizzard will most likely announce it after the World Championship Series finals that are taking place on September 10-11 in Mexico City. However If they decide to sit on the announcement longer, then we should only have to wait until BlizzCon in November for the announcement or more info detailing this resurrection.

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