QuakeCon 2016: New gameplay trailer for Prey will have you fearing inanimate objects


Earlier this year at E3, Bethesda teased to fans everywhere that Prey would be coming. You’re probably thinking, “wait a minute, wasn’t there already a Prey game?” And you’re absolutely right, there was back in 2006. Since that release though, 3D Realms handed over rights to Bethesda, in which they’ve decided to give the title a re-imagining.

Jumping into the trailer, we can see that this isn’t your everyday space station (of course if wouldn’t be, who has a normal space station anymore these days). Obviously right away, you can see that not everything is at it seems. It is infested by a shadowy alien threat, some of which with the ability to mimic regular objects. Nothing screams survival-horror like being abandoned, alone, and afraid with a stapler trying to kill you.

Check out the official gameplay trailer below. Prey hits Xbox One, PS4 and PC in 2017.

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