Star Trek Mission: New York commemorative poster unveiled


By Michael Nguyen

The long-awaited convention is around the corner. As each day passes, more exciting guests are announced and fans rush to finalize travel plans. We also get glimpses of all the great things the con has hold in store for us!

One of the most recent reveals is the official convention poster designed by Brian Rood. If the other creative goodies are anything like this poster, we are in for a real treat!

Fans might not realize the intense amount of thought that went into the project, choice of artist, and the design. Brian Stephenson, ReedPop Global Brand Marketing Director shared, “We wanted to do something very special for the artwork because this is the 50th  anniversary of Star Trek and the official launch of Star Trek: Mission New York.”

Maintaining the history and design of Trek, while trying new things, was the theme for the poster. Stephenson shared further, “We also wanted the artwork to capture the spirit of the characters while also retaining some unique imaginative sci-fi elements to the backgrounds. The goal was to have the artwork feel familiar to fans but also for it to boldly go in some new artistic directions.”

In the end, Brian Rood was selected to take on this artistic challenge in an attempt to pay tribute to the history of Trek, but also add some modernity. Rood got his start in Trek art designing for the Home Shopping Network Star Trek Special with Dynamic Forces over 15 years ago. However, Rood’s art career started as far back as childhood. He tells us, “Ever since I could hold a crayon I’ve been trying to draw what I love.”

While the 50th anniversary celebrates Trek in all of its forms, Rood wanted to choose something iconic. “I really wanted to focus on The Original Series and pay tribute to the design of the original movie poster,” says Rood. “It is still one of my all time favorite pieces of Motion Picture art.”

Rood was happy to have been a part of Trek history. He said, “Honored and very, very excited to be part if the big 50th anniversary event!”

Stephenson said, “We are extremely happy with the final product and we think it is a perfect marriage of Brian Rood’s art style and the spirit of Star Trek.”

Rood’s artwork will be seen throughout the convention. The poster will be used in advertising and will be available for sale at the show.


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