Harry Potter fans mad that Cursed Child script book is actually a script


Every time a new Harry Potter book comes out, it becomes a huge event with sales going through the roof. That’s the case with the new book, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – Parts I and II, the eighth story in the Harry Potter series. It’s a script book from the play written by Jack Thorne based on a new story by Thorne, J. K. Rowling and John Tiffany.

Fans got really happy when publishing company Little Brown announced that it would be making the play’s script available. Some were a little too excited, and J.K. Rowling had to make it clear that it’s just the script from the play and not a new novel.

Now that the book is out… fans (via Amazon) are feeling disappointed that the script book is actually a script book. Another has demanded that Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling owes fans a new novel.

Here are some examples (via Telegraph UK):

“This was the most wait of money I’ve ever spent! I couldn’t read past 10 minutes. I was missed guided about the book I thought it was just saying they were making play NOT that you would be reading a script. You have to always look to see who it is that’s talking you have to follow along with what the stage looks like I’m not just unhappy because I love the series the movies but because I was expecting to be reading a book I paid 15$ for and I can’t read more than 10 minutes without a headache. UNLESS YOU WANT TO READ A SCRIPT OF A PLAY INSTEAD OF A BOOK DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY.”

“Very disappointed that I didn’t research more… Not a book but a script instead… So DISAPPOINTED!”

“Thought I was buying a book it was a play my bad I’m disappointed! Need to look closer at your purchase !”

“No flow, no chemistry, no feel, just words…just does not blend right…something seems off, oh wait, it’s a script, not a nice flowing novel..no wonder”

“Who wrote this book? I mean script. Come on. Talk about “rediculous”. Rowling, you owe your fans a BOOK! I like to rename this Harry Potter and the great scam”

“I clicked pre order before realising this is just a script for a play which is beyond tedious to read. I made it a few acts in before my brain froze in complete boredom. This is a Potter fans cash grab and I’m extremely annoyed that I fell for it. The premise that people might learn to like reading stilted sentences and stage directions because they were made to read Shakespeare plays in in Schools is ludicrous . Extremely disappointed that JK Rowlings was on board with THIS one.”

“I purchased this because it’s a Harry Potter book…or so I thought…. The idea that this is a proper book is misleading at best, and an outright lie at worst. It’s a play-by-play of a play meant to be performed on stage. Awkward transitions, shoddy plot, it’s a bit pathetic.”

“Very disappointed. May have been ok as a play but not a good read. Wish I could get my money back. Love all the books but this is the worse one ever. Even as a play! Should have been free!”

Okay, hold the phone. If they were truly fans, then they should already know that the book isn’t a novel. Second, the book cover says it’s a Special Rehearsal Edition Script (right). The left one is a previous cover reveal, but even that says it’s “a new play based on an original new story by J.K. Rowling, Jack Thorne and John Tiffany.”


Little Brown should have just changed the book’s title to Harry Potter and the Uninformed Readers.


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