Upset DC fans start petition to shut down Rotten Tomatoes because of Suicide Squad reviews


There have always been fans of comic book movies since their conception many many years ago. However, in the past 16 years, the comic book movie genre has grown leaps and bounds. This growth has paralleled the fan bases and nothing has a bigger or more dedicated fan base than DC Comics/DC Entertainment. That said, it seems a lot of DC fans have been clamoring more so than normal about the reception of their latest movies. In fact, they’ve finally gotten to the point where they’ve started a petition to shut down Rotten Tomatoes altogether. Really, guys?

I’m going to take the gloves off at this point because there’s no reason to beat around the bush about this. Personally? I think this is just stupid. These “fans” are pretty much just lashing out like spoiled children just because Rotten Tomatoes, which by the way consolidates lots of different reviews from other locations as a central point for internet readers to access, has a given a low percentage to a majority of their favorite comic book films; DC Entertainment movies to be exact. Currently, the reviews for Suicide Squad have been terrible which provoked this petition.

I’m not going to ignore the elephant in the room, which is Marvel Studios. Marvel Studios has yet to make a terrible film that’s lower than 50% on Rotten Tomatoes, but can you really blame them? Some of the “fans” that created the petition are probably the ones wearing the tin foil hats and believe that Marvel is buying out Rotten Tomatoes and other reviewers. First off, if that were true, that would mean that Marvel Studios is giving money to Warner Bros because WB ALONG WITH COMCAST, OWNS ROTTEN TOMATOES. So there goes that theory right there.

Secondly, why are these fans so angry at reviewers? A reviewer’s job is to review how they personally feel about the movie. Why are you angry at another person’s opinion of a movie? Did the movie review touch you inappropriately? Is the reviewer your father or mother that left you alone as child? So now you have abandonment issues? Seriously, what’s the problem? If you like a movie, then that’s all that should matter. Don’t worry about what other people say or what the internet says. The only thing that should matter is that you were satisfied with the movie you watched.

Starting a petition to shut down a site that gathers reviews from around the internet, just because you’re unhappy with its final tally, is as stupid as trying to breathe underwater if you’re not Aquaman. There are worse things in this world to get angry about and start a petition on, like trash in the ocean or the constant whining of fanboys. Starting a petition to end Rotten Tomatoes….not so much. Aquaman would pretty much say this to you:


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