Ob Nixilis vs. Nissa is the new MTG Duel Deck

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You have to love the Magic the Gathering Duel decks… Especially when the set includes two standard legal Planeswalkers like Nissa, Voice of Zendikar and Ob Nixilis Reignited.

On September 2nd Wizards of the Coast is releasing its¬†latest edition of the Duel Deck series that is focusing on a beef between two planeswalkers who don’t get along too well in Nissa Revane and Ob Nixilis. Nissa is an elf who has a very clear and loving connection to nature. She is the type of character who is nurturing and whose purpose is to foster growth and life… Ob Nixilis on the other hand is a demon who seeks to do nothing but erode, burn, and destroy stuff. As you can tell by just their reputations alone, this is going to be a set of cards where the focus of both the flavor of the cards and the strategies are going to be polar opposites.

While there have been some amazing duel decks in the past, both of the previous sets, Zendikar vs. Eldrazi and Blessed vs. Cursed, didn’t really blow me away with fun as much as they did in the past with sets like Jace vs. Vraska. Even when the Duel Deck sets are a little stale, the one thing that always seems to be consistent is the amount of value in the box. This time around it looks like the MTG team isn’t blowing us away with value, but these decks are still super viable for bolstering your collection and adding a pair of standard legal planeswalkers with some beautiful alternative art to your collection.

This promising planeswalker-filled, elves vs. demons tribe deck will be released September 2, 2016. What are your first impressions of the decklists? Will you buy it day one?

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