We Happy Few enters Early Access on Steam and GOG

Wellette we happy few thumb

We Happy Few, the game best described as ‘an acid trip gone horribly, horribly wrong’, is now live on both Steam’s Early Access and GOG’s Games in Development. To mark the occasion, developer Compulsion Games has released a new gameplay trailer. Lets take a look:

As seen, this trailer shows that there will be a bit of action to this game besides having to play it cool, act normal, and watch your joy intake so you don’t end up like all the other tools. If you’ve always wanted to give a head knocker to a bobby wearing creepy face paint, that’s covered as well. You’ll also spend a majority of the game finding out what caused Wellington Wells to become the living uncanny valley of face-painted drug addicts it is.

The game is not finished and there are a number of features that have yet to be implemented, though the current Steam user reviews have been coming back highly positive. The rest is up to you.

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