Newest Pokemon Go update resets hundreds of accounts

So there are patches and updates, and then there’s what happened with Pokemon Go over the past few days.

First and foremost, no more foot trackers:

patch notes for pogo

But more importantly, hundreds of accounts have been reset to Day 1 status, as if they just first started. I myself experienced this and while I found it as a bit of an annoyance that it happened, other people aren’t handling it as well as they should:

pogo suicide tweet

Granted it is really aggravating to have spent so much time on this game only for it to delete all your progress. There have been reports of people remedying this by uninstalling the app, deleting their password info in Safari (if you’re on iOS), reinstalling and logging back in.

Hopefully the folks over at Niantic can sort this out before it gets any worse.

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