Lego Dimensions Year 2: New story, level and packs


Lego Dimensions Year 2 will be out in September with a new story, level, and fun packs with many different series including The A-Team, Adventure Time, Beetlejuice, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Ghostbusters, The Goonies, Gremlins, Knight Rider, Harry Potter, The Lego Batman Movie, Lego City Undercover, Mission: Impossible, The Powerpuff Girls, Sonic the Hedgehog and Teen Titans Go! 

I really like what Traveller’s Tales and Warner Bros, Interactive Entertainment are doing with the game. Unlike other games in the toys-to-life market, you don’t need to buy a brand new starter pack to play Lego Dimensions. The company plans to support the current portal for a few years. You can focus on the packs and never need to worry about if it will work with the new portal. As for the Lego pieces, just make sure you have a place to store them all.

During the Lego Dimensions panel, we saw new battle arenas that will be coming in the Harry Potter and Adventure Time packs. We learned that Adventure Time’s Marceline will be a playable character, Finn would have various weapons from the series and Jake will have various transformations including a trampoline and Sonic would be able to transform into Super Sonic.

Before the panel, we had a chance to chat with Lego Dimension’s directors James McLoughlin and Arthur Parsons about Year 2. (You can watch the interviews below.) Also if you were wondering how the Goonies got added to Lego Dimensions, you can thank Arthur Parsons since he is a huge fan. Thank you, Arthur!

McLoughlin mentioned, “From the very beginning, it was important to us to make sure we had the value aspect really nailed and because we really didn’t want parents to invest in a new system time and time again. During [Lego] Dimensions Season One, we realized we didn’t really want to make a new standalone game for Dimensions, we wanted to allow parents to opt-in to whatever brands their kids are into, as we moved forward. It’s a plan we set out then and we are sticking to at the moment.”

So what about Disney properties in Lego Dimensions after Disney canceled Disney Infinity? McLoughlin said, “We’ve obviously worked with Disney before. We’ve made standalone games. Marvel is a classic example of that. We have no plans to bring it into Dimensions at the moment, but quite frankly anything can be in Dimensions, that’s the thing. We try and get a lot of popular licenses, we’re always working with the  fan community, working on what is popular in the moment. I would never say never for anything really in Dimensions, I think with the addition of Gizmo, Stripe, and B. A. Baracus, we’ve kind of proved that anything can be there. It’s just the right time and whatever fits the game.”

Another interesting point that was brought up was about what Lego sets that are only available in Lego Dimensions.

“Well it’s funny because in season one, we found that a lot of the really popular sets were, of course, exclusives,” McLoughlin said. “Sets that only we have that mini figure or maybe mini figures that we were the only people ever making them for our game and we talk about that a lot because there are a lot of collectors and collectors love to collect unique situations. Obviously, Gizmo and Stripe are just for us and we really try to incorporate a lot more of those moving forward in season 2. A unique version of Jake or Finn, that kind of vibe where we can get even if it’s just a decal on the body, we try to bring that in.”

You can watch the full interview with James McLoughlin below:

The second part of the interview below is with Arthur Parsons, who talks a bit more about the packs, the team behind Lego Dimensions and The Goonies:

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