Has Goku Black finally been revealed in Dragon Ball Super?


Warning: May contain spoilers for the current Future Trunks Saga in Dragon Ball Super

The introduction of Goku Black in Dragon Ball Super has had fans wondering who exactly is Goku Black and where did he come from. I wrote an article a few weeks ago containing all the clues that were known about Goku Black. Most of what we’ve seen hinted a connection to the Kaioshin/Supreme Kai’s with the Potara Earring and the Time Ring.

One of my theories was Goku Black being a fallen Kai exacting his revenge against humanity. The most recent episode may have revealed exactly who he is and his motives. Goku along with Beerus and Whis travel to Universe 10 to visit the Kais of that universe. Goku was brought along to fight the Zamasu, an apprentice who is training to be the new Supreme Kai of Universe 10.

During their battle, Goku recognized the black ki that Zamasu gave off, feeling that it was similar to Goku Black but not entirely the same. Both Whis and Beerus felt the same power and on their departure This acknowledges that Goku Black is in fact Zamasu. Now, going back to what we know about Goku Black, it makes sense that he is Zamasu, given that he has access to the Time Rings as well as the Potara Earring. Before their arrival, Zamasu asks his master Gowasu if he should destroy all humans given his distrust of them and their destructive nature. And during his battle with Goku, he incorrectly assumes the true strength of humanity and becomes fearful of what they are capable of.


From here, it’s possible that with Zamasu’s fear toward humanity growing, he could’ve stolen one of the Time Rings and used it to travel into the future which would lead him into Future Trunks’ timeline due to the time split. From there he wreaks havoc on humanity forcing Trunks to return back to the present timeline. Here is where it can get tricky seeing as this isn’t the first time Dragon Ball has played with time travel. We know that the events that happen in the current timeline eventually happen in Future Trunks’ timeline and vice versa. The Androids appeared in both timelines, Cell appears in both timelines and Dragon Ball Super acknowledges Future Trunks’ battle with Dabura and Babadi in their quest to resurrect Majin Buu. Now if Zamasu traveled into the future and ends up in Future Trunks’ timeline, is it possible that he somehow defeats Goku by fusing with him before making his way there? Zamasu claims that he will never forget Goku and that could be his main motivation to becoming like Goku to defeat humanity. It’s also possible that Goku Black is Zamasu from Future Trunks’ timeline and that’s the difference in black ki that Goku felt. But how he ended up looking like Goku is still unknown.

We’ll have to wait until we get closer and closer to the last battle against Goku Black, but one this is almost certain: Zamasu is Goku Black.

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