C2H6O Science – What does religion have to do with science?

Last week on our science show C2H6O Science, we got down and dirty with the concept of a robot uprising. What does it entail? Does it have to do with just robots?

Prior to that, we focused on the future. What will things look like 500 years from now? When do you think we’ll reach the end?

But the best part – and oh yes, let me tell you, the best – is yet to come. On our next show, we’ll be digging deep into the concept of religions role in science or lack thereof. Is there really a significant role in science, or are the two things meant to be separated?

Prior to, we’ve heard about big names in science battle this topic. Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and even Bill Nye visited a Noah’s Ark exhibit recently.

On occasion, science and religion have been two things that some will bring together in their personal life. Frankly, there is an insane amount of possibilities that religion may or may not be wrong – which makes the topic in itself so fun to talk about.

What do you think? Do you believe that science and religion can live together in harmony, or shall they always stray away from each other?

Don’t forget to watch our show live on our channel – every other Thursday at 7 pm PST. We hope to see you there and answer some of your questions!

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