Fight your way to Valhalla in Jotun: Valhalla Edition

Calling all console warriors. Do you believe you have what it takes to enter the mighty gates of Valhalla? Your chance to try and best the giants called Jotun is

September’s free games for PlayStation Plus members

PlayStation Plus members, it’s just about that time to get our next set of free games for being members of the PlayStation family. While there isn’t anything on the list that

Sherlock releases new promo photo for season 4

We have a whole year to watch a new episode of Sherlock, but the cast and crew of the show are not letting us forget about it. BBC’s Sherlock has

Honest Trailer does Batman: The Killing Joke

It’s time for another Honest Trailer, and this time the team goes for the jugular with Batman: The Killing Joke, the R-rated animated movie. It takes a jab at the awkward

Subjugate all Titans in ‘Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom’ (PS4 Review)

Anime fans, rejoice! You now have a new way to scratch that Attack on Titan itch with Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom. The game encompasses the entire anime released

Nintendo Direct coming tomorrow!

Everybody’s favorite source for all Nintendo news will be live tomorrow, September 1st, starting at 7 AM PST. This direct is only going to be focused on 3DS games and

Star Wars presents a toy story adventure for ‘Rogue One’ #GoRogue

Star Wars is preparing for the release of this December’s Rogue One with mini-stories based on the film. Using the licensed toys from the new film, Star Wars Go Rogue

Let’s Play Battlefield 1 Open Beta (video)

The open beta for Battlefield 1 is now available, and we have released a Let’s Play video featuring our very own Joey Ferris trying to take over the Sinai Desert.

Magic: The Gathering: Nicol Bolas is back

It’s announcement day for Wizards of the Coast as they prep for a huge showcase at PAX West in Seattle, WA. When the Nerd Reactor crew interviewed long time head

Bill Nye is going to ‘save the world’ on TV

Bill Nye, The Science Guy, once graced our televisions in the mid-nineties with his show all about science. With his ever-growing popularity, and a stint on Dancing With The Stars,

Ready for more ‘Stranger Things’? Season 2 is happening!

One thing I learned this morning: you can’t re-post things from Instagram that have copyrighted music in it, and Instagram has no problem in letting you know. You have to

Yoga Hosers Review

Kevin Smith is developing his own trilogy called the “True North Trilogy,” and much like Edgar Wright’s “Cornetto Trilogy,” each film is a different genre. The trilogy began with the

Nerd Reactor will be at Dragon Con 2016!

By Kaung Set Labor Day weekend is about to descend upon Atlanta, GA. You know what that means… Dragon Con is almost here! Your Nerd Reactor East team will be

That Nerd Life #3: Escape Rooms

On this podcast we talk about something we enjoy, escape rooms! John, Mike and Arvin discuss what it takes to make a good escape room, their favorite escape rooms and

That Nerd Life #2: Let’s Eat

This week’s episode is about our weekend festivities where we cooked ox tail, pork belly, carnitas, green chorizo, and short ribs while playing Titanfall 2 and watching UFC 202 featuring

Bryan Fuller spills more secrets about Star Trek Discovery

Showrunner Bryan Fuller continues to tease Trekkies with new details about his upcoming CBS All Access show, Star Trek Discovery. Chief among these new revelations are the official position of

Battlefield 1 Open Beta coming August 31

Are you ready to travel back to World War 1? EA will be releasing the Battlefield 1 Open Beta on August 31st in anticipation for the game’s launch in two

What Danny Phantom characters would look like 10 years older; new series in the works?

It’s just a little over nine years now since the end of Danny Phantom cartoon on Nickelodeon. (The show aired in 2004 until 2007.) While the show’s creator Butch Hartman has

Always bet on the Duke: New Duke Nukem game to possibly be announced

It’s been four years since the long belated release of Duke Nukem Forever, a game that was in development from 1997 all the way till 2012, going through more reboots

‘Sierra Classics’ makes their debut on Steam

A large amount of classic Sierra On-Line adventure games including Quest for Glory, Gabriel Knight, and Police Quest have finally made their debut on Steam. These titles have previously been