Which characters do you think will die, disappear, or change in the MCU’s Infinity War saga?

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Ladies and Gentlemen, place your bets! It’s finally come down to this for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The moment Robert Downey Jr, aka Iron Man, first said “I am Iron Man.” to a room full of reporters back in 2008, we didn’t know how far along the rabbit hole Marvel would take us. A majority of us have been there since the beginning of its conception and it’s been a glorious ride to the top so far. That said, we all must remember that the top can be a bleak and unforgiving place. I can’t speak for everyone, but I adore all the actors and the Marvel characters that they’ve played so far. Losing one, or any of them for that matter, would seem catastrophic. However, when it comes to story lines and progressing it forward, I feel this is what we’re going to receive. Now is the point where we finally ask this question: Who will die, disappear, or change, in the Infinity War saga? I believe these key Marvel characters will experience this.

When Joss Whedon inserted Thanos at the end of the first Avengers movie, it tickled everyone’s fancies at the time. It hinted at all the possibilities of what we could expect from Marvel, both earthly and cosmic; that was in 2012. It’s now 2016 and we’ve touched the cosmos with the Guardians of the Galaxy and soon we’ll be introduced into different dimensions by Doctor Strange. By the time the Infinity Saga finally releases, we will all be fully and completely invested in what the story has for us through all the past Marvel phases.

If you haven’t been following, the phases that Marvel has brought us is being driven by the six Infinity Stones. Explained by Benecio Del Toro’s character, The Collector, we were introduced to the brief history and power of these stones. The MCU is paralleling Marvel’s comic books and what we do know from this is that Thanos succeeds in attaining all six of the Infinity Stones. One of which is implanted directly into the forehead of The Vision. It’s not that difficult of a guess, but we all know that Thanos is going to get that stone. Whether he summons it or just rips it out from The Vision’s robotic skull, The Vision is going to be the first hero with a tombstone. Although since he’s a machine, he might just get rebuilt and reprogrammed.


Another character that I believe will lose his life is Captain America. I’ve personally grown to really love Captain America and his morals; especially after reading the actual Marvel Civil War comic series.  He is the epitome of the small guy trying to fight for what he believes is right. Some heroes get so caught up in their own sense of justice that they sometimes lose track of what’s they were actually fighting for in the first place; not Cap though. He’s had the same belief system of what’s right and wrong since the 1940s and it hasn’t cracked. I feel he’s actually a positive moral compass for kids to look up to nowadays. This is the main reason why I believe Captain America is going to die. He’s the tragic character in an episode of Game of Thrones. His shield will break under the power of the Infinity Gauntlet and his death will especially be a reason for the other characters to keep fighting on. This could be a turning point for Tony Stark as well. It could be at this moment that he finally sees what Cap has been fighting for all this time. (I’m not making this guess just because Chris Evans’ contract is up either. Okay…MAYBE it is.)


The third person is going to be Thor and my reasoning behind this choice isn’t just because of something in the storyline, but I believe it will be because Marvel is moving forwards to match their multi-gendered heroes in the comics. Thor is now a female in the comic books, and post-Infinity Saga, I feel that Marvel Studios will pass the mantle of Thor to female. I don’t believe it will necessarily be Jane Foster (like the comics), but it’s definitely going to be a female. Yes, I know this reason might be a little anti-climactic, but I have a sneaking suspicion Marvel is slowly moving this route. There’s also a possibility that Thor Odinson himself will take Odin’s seat as the next “Allfather” in Odin’s absence. This is why the title of the thunder god could make its way to the new wielder of Mjolnir.

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Following the last three, I have a strong notion that Iron Man will closely follow suit to these changes. Yes, I know that this is a very bold claim I’m making since he’s one of the main Avengers, however, hear me out. Tony Stark was the beginning of the MCU and will be at its end (or change – however you want to label it) since they first encountered the Tesseract. The Infinity Stones are the most powerful artifacts in the Marvel universe, and they have the ability to alter space, time, and reality itself. I feel that the Infinity Saga is going to ripple major changes to the MCU and no one is safe. Since they recently introduced a female Tony Stark in the comics, I feel this is the direction that the MCU is going to adopt. Either Tony dies in some heroic fashion, or he will be replaced by another technical prodigy like the comics. Also, RDJ can’t do this forever. 🙁

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Just remember, these are just the main characters that I think will either die or go through major changes after this latest phase for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Everything is up for speculation at this point. In fact, it could even go down as far as having a completely new Avengers team in the future. The amazing thing about these comic book movies is that it can be dynamic. Things can change, especially with the actors portraying the characters. However, if we have MacGuffins like the Infinity Stones that can change reality and time, they can always re-introduce long dead characters as new ones from a different universe and time. That said, what are your guesses on this topic?

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