SDCC: Grimm star David Giuntoli directs season six episode


As NBC’s Grimm starts shooting its sixth season, star David Giuntoli has taken an opportunity to step out from in front of the camera and direct an episode in the new season.

“I’m so thrilled to be able to direct an episode,” Giuntoli said. “It is so creatively engaging. But, the credits should really say ‘Directed by the entire cast of Grimm’ and in 4.5 font ‘and David Giuntoli’.”

Not only is this Giuntoli’s first time stepping going behind the camera, but it is also his first office job. “I’ve never worked in an office before. I actually have a desk and I am not sure what to do with it,” Giuntolli explains. “I’ve already started thinking like a director though. Yeah, when I get on set I immediately think, ‘Alright, what kind of crap are the actors going to pull today?’”

When asked about going on screen again, “I will make sure I just shut up, stand at my mark, and say my lines. I won’t have any ‘ideas’. Directors have enough to worry about.”

Giuntoli’s directing debut isn’t the only season 6 news that came out of SDCC. Turns out there are big plans in store for Captain Renard. “I can’t say much about the next season,” Sasha Roiz says, “but there will be multiple Captain Renards at one point this season.”

Season six seems to be shaping up to be an exciting season for Grimm. It will be focusing on everything that has been built up for the past five seasons. “This season will be focusing on internal struggles with in the group. There won’t be many outside threats, instead the threats for be from within,” Giuntoli added.

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