Genndy Tartakovsky talks about Samurai Jack’s return in 2017


After a long 12 years, Samurai Jack will finally see one more season in early 2017. While the series has four seasons from 2001 until 2004, it was ultimately canceled by Cartoon Network, leaving fans in the dust. For years Genndy Tartakovsky has tried to pitch Samurai Jack as a movie, something he has mentioned many times, and after the success of both Hotel Transylvania films, it’s something that seemed possible with the right people behind it.

A few months ago, news broke that there would be a fifth season and it would be thanks to Adult Swim. Tartakovsky would be leading the project with a premiere in late 2016 or early 2017. During San Diego Comic-Con, we had the chance to talk to Tartakovsky about what fans can expect from the new season.

“I’ve always been thinking about it, especially because we were trying to make a movie for probably the last eight years, a Samurai Jack movie. It was never coming together the right way, so I was literally sitting in the bathroom,” he laughs while continuing, “and I decided, you know what, everything is going slow, let’s see what happens if I just put it out there and if anybody wants to make it. So I sent an email about it, and I got it right back and then I get on the phone with Mike Lazzo, who runs Adult Swim, and we talked. Within two weeks we started.”

Tartakovsky was also asked about the switch to Adult Swim. He mentioned, “Cartoon Network doesn’t do those type of shows anymore and because Adult Swim starts at 8 o’clock, it was always a prime time show so it seemed like a natural fit, and Lazzo loves Samurai Jack and he tried to get it on the air. So it all happened just like that.”

As for the series, Tartakovsky revealed that the final season will be 10 episodes. “It’s the final journey,” Tartakovsky  said. “Whatever happens at the end will happen.”

You can watch the full interview below including Tartakovsky talking about doing a finale, bringing back Samurai Jack while people are still interested in it, and the ideas that he has had in the last few years between doing a movie and TV show.

Growing up watching Samurai Jack, I am pretty excited to see the series early next year. And yes Hotel Transylvania 3 is happening with Genndy confirmed.

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