SDCC 2016: The Last Ship interview with Adam Baldwin, Sasha Cooper, and Steven Kane


TNT’s The Last Ship went full steam ahead at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con with one of the best panels. It included stars Eric Dane (Cap. Tom Chandler), Bridget Regan (Sasha Cooper), and Adam Baldwin (Capt. Mike Slattery) and Executive Producer Steven Kane on stage answering questions from the audience and discussing the current state of the show and its characters (and yes, Tex will be back). I was lucky enough to be able to sit down with some of the team and ask some questions that we need answers to, not just about the characters or story, but about how the show came to be.


During my time with Adam Baldwin, who plays Captain Mike Slattery, we found out some great information about his character and what he enjoys about the show.

How do you think your character Mike Slattery would get along with the other military characters you have played like Hal Jordan in Injustice?

“[Smiling] Slattery is a stand up guy. He’ll get along with anyone who’s honest and courageous, who does what’s right. They’re all friendly inside, hopefully they’ll be friendly outside too, well, they’re all mine.”

What is your favorite thing about being on The Last Ship?

“It’s a combination of many things. My favorite thing would be the relationship with the cast and crew, the synergy we have with the US Navy, and how much the US Navy has signed on and allowed us to be in their world. It’s great. There is nothing like standing on the bridge of a guided missile destroyer at speed, with a 5-inch gun firing off to the horizon and it’s hitting a tight little grouping of targets 12 miles out. And to have them call ahead, ‘Flank left,’ ‘Roger that,’ ‘Aye aye sir,’ ‘Captain,’ and the way they are so trained and disciplined. For us to witness it up close and personal is really the honor of a lifetime.”


I was then able to talk to season 3 newcomer Bridget Regan, who plays Sasha Cooper, a new and mysterious character that most people are still on the fence about. Based on her answers, it seems we have nothing to worry about and Sasha is in fact doing what’s right for the Nathan James ship.

When asked about her favorite part of the show, she answered:

“One of my favorite things about the show is Hiro’s character, Takahaya, and his wife Kyoko, who are now aboard the ship. The show raises the question, ‘Is this villain really a villain?’ It’s not so black and white. You feel for the guy, you understand where he is coming from and Sasha in particular, because she speaks Japanese, develops a relationship with his wife and understands where they are coming from. It’s not just a big bad villain up in a tower that really comes to a head as it comes to a course this season.”

Sasha has been a mysterious character with her background and her current situation. Is there a side of her that we haven’t seen yet that will come out?

I actually didn’t find her that mysterious. I found the fans’ response really fascinating since I found her to be really straightforward. I understand where they are coming from; this is a violent, scary world where people aren’t who they say they are. So I understand but I personally believe that everything that Sasha does is in line with the values of the crew of the Nathan James.


Lastly we were able to sit down with Executive Producer Steven Kane and talk about how the show came to be, and if current politics come into play.

How does today’s world seep into the story?

“We deal with our stories, and we all live in this world. When Ebola hit and we saw the way people reacted, we thought ‘Oh, that’s how our people are reacting.’ So it creeps into our storytelling; we bring in our own life experiences. What if this happened? What if that happened? I was really afraid of viruses and so I called up some virologist and said, ‘Hey, we have this idea that this virus is buried in the permafrost but the earth warms it, gets released and picked up by migrating birds and zoonotically jumps to a human being. What do you think?’ They go, ‘Yeah that’s kind of our worst nightmare.’ So we had an idea for a show there.”

You can catch The Last Ship every Sunday at 9/8 ct on TNT. Check out the action packed season 3 trailer below.

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