King of Fighters XIV introduces two new mysterious characters for Team China

KOFXIV17Tung Fu Rue at one time trained Geese Howard and Jeff Howard, however, when Geese killed Jeff in jealousy, Tung decided to never take another disciple ever again. Tung Fu has the power to strengthen his body to deal massive damage to hit opponents expanding his size.

Shortly before the King of Fighters XIV, Tung met Shun’ei, a young boy who was abandoned by his parents for his eerie powers. Sensing good in Shun’ei, Tung has decided to train the young boy who can summon powerful fists to fight.

Team China also introduces a new face Meitenkun, little is known about the character who keeps a pillow nearby including in fights.

The King of Fighters XIV releases in North America on August 23rd on the PlayStation 4. The King of Fighters XIV demo is also currently available to download.

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