Play your SNES with just about every controller


Have you ever played your classic Super NES and thought, “Man, I wish I could play this with a PS4 controller”? A strange desire, but now you can with Analogue and 8Bitdo’s Retro Receiver for SNES.

This little add-on you plug into the system’s controller slot isn’t just limited to a PS4 controller or even an SNES console. As demonstrated by the video below, you can use the device with any Bluetooth-compatible controller, including 8Bitdo’s wireless SNES and NES controllers. The Retro Receiver can also be used with a console that specializes in playing old cartridges such as a Retro Freak or Retro Trio.

Find out more about the device on Analogue’s website, and you can by them on PlayAsia for $24.99. There is also a receiver by the same two companies available for the NES that works in a similar fashion.


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