Nerd HQ 2016: Con Man’s Conversation for a Cause

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This years Nerd HQ brought back the popular Conversation for a Cause panels at Nerd HQ. We were able to join the panel with the cast of Con Man with PJ Haarsma, Nathan Fillion, Mindy Sterling, Liam McIntyre, Nolan North, Alison Haislip, and Casper Van Dien as they took questions from the audience and auctioned off some great items for Operation Smile.

The panel introduced Liam McIntyre’s (Spartacus) new character, Girth Hemsworth, “the lost Hemsworth brother.”

During the panel, there were many laughs and some really fun moments between the cast, displaying the chemistry and rapport you see on the show, in person. Zachary Levi stated that he would love to be part of The Last of Us with Nolan North, but Nolan stated that he was already killed off in the game and could only be back if the game was called “What’s Left of Us”.

Producer PJ Haarsma also hinted that there could be a spectrum film for the show, and there will definitely be the motion comic that comes out next month with the game. Although Alan Tudyk was not there, there were many jokes used at his expense which made the panel one of the best panels this whole Comic-Con season.

Con Man is a comedy web series that is created, written, directed by, and starring Alan Tudyk. The series follows cult science fiction actor Wray Nerely (Tudyk), as he tours the convention circuit. It was created through crowdfunding and raised 1 million dollars on indiegogo in 24 hours, and 3.1 million overall which was a record.

Watch and subscribe to Con man here!

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