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Let’s get one thing out of the way. There are tons of Bluetooth wireless headphones, and I mean TONS of them! A quick Amazon search for “Bluetooth Headphones” gave me 175k+ results, and with so many choices it can be pretty difficult when finding the right pair. Eonfine aims to make that choice easier with the Eonfine Bluetooth Sports Headphones. Coupled with aptX for premium sound and IPX6 waterproofing, the Eonfine Bluetooth Sports Headphones aims to raise the bar high as to what the standard is for Bluetooth headphones.


  • Latest Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Technology with A2DP stereo music and AptX
  • Long Playing Time: Built-in 2pcs 60mAh rechargeable Lithium battery lasts up to 8 hours of talk / play time or 300 hours standby
  • Intelligent Magnetic Design
  • Cable Winder Design
  • Simple Controls: Volume Up/Down and Answer with identifiable buttons

There is some good tech that powers the Eonfine Bluetooth Sports Headphones. AptX by Qualcomm reinvents music quality and the Eonfine’s take full advantage of it. Music is clear with no audio loss and the built-in bass unit boosts up the bass without popping eardrums or sounding too deep/heavy. Most batteries on Bluetooth headphones have the same length of use, which is 8 hours of talk/music. Eonfine doesn’t skimp on its design either by adding the Intelligent Magnetic Design and Cable Winder Design. Both add to its versatile use by making the headphones easier to store and comfortable while in use. The Cable Winder Design allows the cord to increase and decrease in size to ensure it hangs correctly behind the back of your head. The Magnetic Design allows the two earbuds to clip together when not in use. Doing so will remove power from what is being in use, but simply unhook and your back in action. The Ergonomic Earbuds are designed to stay in place in your ear without being too intrusive.


Hands On

I’ve owned several headphones but I absolutely hate earbuds. Having to stick them in my ear bothers after a while and gives me headaches from the sounds, even in low volumes. Quality of sounds and comfort is Eonfine’s main focus when it came to designing the Sports Headphones. For starters, the ergonomic earbuds don’t bother me at all. Since they don’t need to enter fully into my ear, I found myself wearing these a lot longer than normal earbuds. The hook on the earbud acts as an anchor and holds it in place. While walking, running and jogging, never did they come loose or even feel if they were about to fall off. And since they have some waterproofing, being splashed with water or light rain won’t affect the Sports Headphones at all.

Sound quality is very noticeable with Eonfine’s design. With the AptX, audio is near CD quality with just enough bass to be easy on the ears. I compared it to several headset I own and Eonfine was on par with most sets I owned. The added volume controls gave me full control of the sound which allowed to me to fine tune the loudness. The audio controls have a built-in mic for talk, which is made easy with the answer button in the middle of the three buttons. Answering and ending calls is easy with the press of a button and without even looking at my phone.

Final Reaction

There is a lot to offer with Eonfine’s Bluetooth Sports Headphones. With so many headphones on the market, this could be just another pair you own. But with the tech behind the headphones and comfort design, Eonfine proves these aren’t ordinary headphones. What keeps this from being perfect is the lack of music controls like pause or next, but the Eonfine Bluetooth Sports Headphones leaves a big impact in the headphone market, one that will be tough to fill after you own a pair.

Rating: 4/5 Atoms

NR 4 Atoms - B

You can purchase the Eonfine Bluetooth Sports Headphones, plus other accessories, at eonfines.com

A pair of Eonfine Bluetooth Sports Headphones was provided by Eonfine for the purpose of this review.

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