SDCC 2016: Resident Evil Kitchen VR Demo


San Diego Comic Con is in full swing and just like at E3 earlier this summer Capcom has stolen the show in the video game portion of the showroom floor. Right in the middle of the gaming section of the San Diego convention center, booth 215, sits an amazing display that looks like a haunted house. Again, just like E3 the Resident Evil VR Demo is pretty tough to get into.

We were fortunate enough to check out the Resident Evil VR Demo, first hand, and it was absolutely terrifying. I have had some good and bad experiences with VR in the past few years. I’ve played games that made me sick, others that induced migraines, and that some were amazing. None that I have tried – until the Resident Evil 7 VR demo – have ever been so immersive.

As it started, I was tied and bound to a chair in a creepy kitchen. My friend was unconscious on the floor and I had to use the motion controls on the PlayStation Controller to knock over a tripod to wake him up.. He wakes up and attempts to untie my hands, but behind him comes a zombie-esque woman who impales him, stabs my leg, and rips his head off. For the rest of the demo, I am hearing footsteps and things falling over, until there is one final jump scare of a creepy little girl covering my eyes from behind.

While it may not seem like much from my description, this demo was done extremely well. I was more than embarrassed when on multiple occasions I let out a few fear induced curse words in front of the very nice ladies running the demo.

It was very eye opening, being able to finally get hands on with the PlayStation VR. Resident Evil 7 is aiming to reimagine and pioneer the survival horror genre just like they did 20 years ago, and based on what I experienced at San Diego Comic Con, I’m a believer.


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