SDCC 2016: AMC’s Geeking Out


Kevin Smith’s newest TV venture, Geeking Out, is set premier the weekend of Comic-Con with his co-host Greg Grunberg. The news magazine style show promises to be basically Sports Center for nerds and geeks.

Both Grunberg and Smith give credit to shows like The Talking Dead who paved the way for talk shows about TV shows. At a press conference during SDCC, Smith and Grunberg expressed their vision for the show and what they hope to achieve from it.

“We want to use the access that we get to have guests that may otherwise not be available,” says Smith. “And not just interviews, but real conversations with these guests. For example, talking to them about what they geek out about, since they have caused so many of us to geek out over their stuff.”

The hosting dynamic for this show looks to be very interesting, as you have Smith, a veteran in the geek world, and Grunberg, who, by his own admission, is relatively new to the scene.

“Kevin is the expert on the show,” Grunberg said. “I am still new to this world so I am catching up and doing my homework. But I think that is going to bring a great dynamic to the show – having both views on these topics will be interesting.”

The duo also explained their desire to be able to include as much diversity as possible. Part of that commitment to diversity was the hiring of Tiffany Smith (DC All Access) as a third host. Kevin Smith shared his views on the division that is occurring within the geek/nerd community that excludes new fans, which Smith says gives all geeks a bad name.

“We have worked so hard to get to where we are now,” Smith says. “Can you imagine a Revenge of the Nerds reboot now? It wouldn’t work because jocks don’t bully nerds anymore. The Jocks now work for the nerds. Don’t ruin the advancements we have made by causing division with in. The more the merrier.”

Geeking Out premiers Sunday, June 24th, after Preacher on AMC for a special Comic-Con episode. Matt Damon and JJ Abrams are the first guests lined up for the premier.



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