SDCC: Magic: The Gathering announces exclusive zombified Planeswalkers

magic the gathering

Well, better late than never! Wizards of the Coast and Magic: the Gathering has finally announced its San Diego Comic-Con exclusives for 2016. In years prior MTG has delivered some amazing promotional planeswalker cards that you may or may not have seen at your local comic shop, and the streak continues this year with a new set of alternate art for five of the games most popular Gatewatch planeswalkers.

Gideon, Jace, Liliana, Chandra, and Nissa will all be available in San Diego this week from Hasboro in this beautiful zombified style by Eric Deschamps. I have not been able to find a price of this set, but undoubtedly these cards will be viciously scalped online. Although you cannot tell in the images released by Magic, these promos are all foil. They are going to be hot commodities so if you are not going to be in San Diego to get these promos, you are going to have to sweet talk your friend who is, or get ready to apply for a loan.


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