Geese Howard returns in The King of Fighters XIV


SNK and Atlus USA have released a new trailer for the King of Fighters XIV. It focuses on Team South Town and is composed of Geese Howard, Billy Kane, and a new face, Hein.

Geese has been a longtime villain in the SNK universe, having killed Terry and Andy Bogard’s father in his lust for power. The former final boss has been thought to have been killed many times, but he always finds a way to return. His powerful attacks and counters make him dangerous in close or far range, with the ability to pick opponents off of the ground to deal even more damage. One should note that his Climax special is his Raging Storm, which is much easier to perform than previous years.

Billy Kane was taken in by Geese, and since has been his right-hand man, making sure no one gets close to the man who raised him. Billy uses a tri-section staff and has great control of the space in front of him, with a danger pole vault move that anti-airs and can link to almost any combo.

Hein is a new face to the series and feels reminiscent of King of Fighter XI’s Oswald, minus the cards. His chess inspired fighting style, called “Gambit”, allows him to strategically move and fight as needed, which is complimented by his mysterious dark red energy.


SNK and Atlus also revealed that a Nightmare Geese costumes and Neo Esaka dynamic theme will also be included with pre-orders.

If you find yourself at EVO 2016 this weekend, you’ll get the chance to play the latest build of King of Fighters XIV. If you aren’t able to make out to Las Vegas, you will be able to watch both the casual matches and side tournament on

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