A brief first impression of Riders of Icarus


Riders of Icarus, the new MMO put out by Nexon, is a whirlwind of adventure filled with fantasy, cool mounts, and magic spells. I’ve heard about this game in the past, and jumped on the opportunity to play it when the game was made available; however, I must inform you that this article is not a review, but rather a brief first impression. I played the first part of the game to get an overall feel of how it might be, and that’s what my opinions are based on!

First things first, I want to talk about the art style. I really pay attention to how pretty a game is, and how many options I have when it comes to customizing my character, making it look as real as possible. Basically, when Sims meets a fantasy MMO, I’m happy. Luckily with Icarus, that was exactly the case. The customization was insane.

Riders of Icarus //

I had a million and one choices when it came to facial structure, hairstyle, body weight, and – oh goodness – so much more! Not only were there a lot of options, but there were really prestige customization bars that let you alter your character’s face 100% to make it unique, instead of one of the premade alternatives.

Focusing deeper on the art style, the overall game in itself is gorgeous. It has incredible high definition without necessarily looking artificial, and is practically eye candy for anyone who is a massive fantasy fan. The colors are vibrant without having to go into the settings and alter it to your interest – although it is there for you, if you please. Honestly, however, you don’t need it. It looks great just the way it is.

The design of the scenery and world around you really stands out to me, personally, more than it has in various other MMOs. It looks extremely realistic, and one of the key things for me while playing an MMO is its ability to make me feel as if I’m really there. Luckily, this game had that effect when it came to the overall setting and art style. However, it was lacking in other areas.

Now don’t get me wrong, Riders of Icarus isn’t terrible – this isn’t what this first impression is about. But I would be lying to you if I said it wasn’t just like most other games in the same genre.

Firstly, when you begin the game, you don’t have any possible time to take a second and change your controls or anything you desire, etc. It starts within seconds of entering into the world. Which sounds cool, because you get to jump into all the action. What’s not cool, however, is that the game doesn’t stop for ten seconds to allow you to customize it to your liking. So the entire first 10/15 minutes is spent playing however the game is originally configured. I wanted to go into the menu and mess around with my settings, but wasn’t able to until I got to the main starting area.

The story section you begin with is quite cool, but lacking in detail. For example, while watching one of the very first cutscenes, you’ll notice that the characters’ talking gets cut off before the end of their sentence, which really takes away from the whole experience, in my opinion.

Riders of Icarus x 2 //

The story, in itself, is fantastic – you’re with a group of higher ups trying to take the princess to where she needs to be (in the most general sense without ruining much of the story). But my biggest question was, why was my character – a level 1 starting character – with a group of well respected mages, guardians, etc, and the princess? It just seems a bit weird to me, because I felt so out of place. Perhaps that was just something that I thought seemed strange, yet normal to others.

After the main cinematic sequence and fighting off some enemies, you finally arrive at the first area to begin questing. I did a few quests, but after awhile, the game just seemed like every other MMO I played, which made it not really fun when you’re doing it for whatever minutes/hours.

My character was a mage, and I personally loved the way mages were interpreted in Riders of Icarus. I adored the way they looked, the way they used their spells, and pretty much everything else about it. For someone who plays WoW 24/7, it was really cool to see how much different and more complex Icarus made their mages. Even though I thought that the game felt a bit normal, I would continue to play for solely this reason – in order to really develop my character and see a mage’s full potential.

I understand that my opinions towards the game may not be as in depth as others because I didn’t spend hours upon hours on it, and some may think I didn’t give it a chance, but there was no need to. It was quite self explanatory what the game was all about. In a general sense, it was just a super pretty, questing fantasy massive multiplayer online. The only thing making it stand out from others was the fact that is was gorgeous and had cool mounts, creatures you can ride for transportation or battle.

I did not have the opportunity to play far enough to ride a mount or own one, but visually, they were beautiful and, just as with the mage character development, I would also play for just that reason.

Overall, if you’re looking for a new MMO to play and want something that is charming, fun, and caters to your fantasy needs in every aspect possible, I think Riders of Icarus is 100% something you need to check out. Even though it’s a bit lacking in some areas, I think over time that will improve, especially since the game has just come out. But, if you’re someone who loves MMOs and plays them all the time, this will seem a bit basic to you. If you’re already established in another game, this may feel like a bit of a waste of time.

Ultimately, it really comes down to what appeals to you and what doesn’t. Nevertheless, I think it’s something you should try at least once – enough to at least get you further than a first impression!

Play the game!

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