Play Naruto Online, the browser MMORPG, starting July 20


Relive moments of the Naruto anime series and create your ultimate Ninja team in Naruto Online, the only official turn-based MMORPG browser game set entirely in the Naruto universe. While the game has been available in other parts of the world, it will finally make its way to the West on July 20th, thanks to Oasis Games.

Naruto Online features 9 different arcs of the Naruto storyline for players to go through and explore, featuring all the familiar locations from the series. There will also be original scenes and original voice acting from the anime. Players will be able to select from five brand-new characters, each one representing the elements of earth, water, fire, wind and lightning.

Players won’t need to download the game. Just make an account and get ready for action with other players in multiplayer or go at it alone in single player.

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