No Man’s Sky disc size revealed and first update already in the works

Sean Murray, the founder of Hello Games, had a busy weekend after announcing that No Man’s Sky is finally finished. He answered questions regarding the game, as well as giving out more details about the game. One of the things he had tweeted was that the game is a total of only 6 gigs, and most of that is audio! If that is true, that is one hell of a job they did. From the looks of the teaser they released, it looks like you’ll have an unlimited amount of planets to discover, and apparently it all fit into 6 gigs of data. Amazing!

After that tweet, he put out another piece of information: his team is already working on the first update for the game. No word on what kind of update, but it looks like they are keeping themselves busy in putting the best game possible out there. It’s great to hear that they are already in the works of making the game better without it actually being released yet, but I do hope they take some time off to relax and enjoy their finished product.

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