Next Pokemon GO update to give lots of fans what they want

pokemon go

When Niantic finally released Pokemon GO, it was downloaded by the millions, even in locations not yet released for. There were so many trying to log in that it lagged many people and even crashed servers. Niantic had some success with its previous game, Ingress, but I don’t think anything prepared them for such a big crowd waiting for Pokemon GO.

As Pokemon fans know, not all creatures are going to be available in your area. The only way to catch that Pokemon will be to trade. In a video, it had a trade feature, so it was only a matter of time that they added this to the game to make it feel more in line with the Pokemon world.

Trading Pokemon is a fundamental act in the Pokemon gaming world. So hopefully this update will be coming after the rest of the world gets their app. Are you excited for the trading aspect of this game?

Source: Business Insider

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