1:1 scale of Doom’s BFG has been made


Bethesda has teamed up with MyMiniFactory to create a 1:1 scale model of Doom‘s BFG, and this thing is HUGE!! It is composed of 70 pieces, and around 1000 hours of pure 3D printing. It is over 3 feet long, 18 inches  tall, 18 inches wide, and weighs 36 pounds. And it will go home to one lucky winner.

Bethesda came up with a competition to win this 1:1 scale BFG: the contestants needed to design their own BFG and have fans vote for the best design. So, someone out there in the world has won this awesome looking BFG. Still no word if the gun is going to be just one of a kind, or if it will be one of many, but either way, it looks like the only non-Bethesda/MyMiniFactory related person that owns one is the BFG design winner.

I do hope they plan to release this to the public. I don’t mind buying one.

Source: Bethesda

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