Sega to make a ‘Rent-A-Hero’ film?

So here’s an odd bit of news. Jeff Morris, Steve Pink and Stories International Tomoya Suzuki are collaborating on a film adaptation of one of the MegaDrive’s classic games, Rent-A-Hero.

Don’t know what it is? Neither did I! Thankfully it’s relatively simple: A couch potato who decides to work for a high-tech startup company finds out they’re going to weaponize their tech instead of helping people. He decides to band together with the people he works with to try and stop them.

And if anything is to be guessed, it's gonna look very 80's

And if anything is to be guessed, it’s gonna look very ’80s

It honestly sounds like a very movie-friendly plot, and it could go in a lot of good directions, given that Pink’s history includes Hot Tub Time Machine. We could very well get a sci-fi version of a bunch of drunks fighting evil robots and suped-up bad guys with sharks that have laser beams attached to their heads.

And that’s not all, Suzuki is also planning to do more adaptations of classic games like Crazy Taxi and Golden Axe, though I think the latter is a hell of a lot easier to create in film than the former.

Though the former would be a lot funnier to see

Though the former would be a lot funnier to see

Hopefully these new adaptations coming out will be a hell of a lot of fun, and we’ll definitely keep our eyes open for any updates.

Source: DeadLine

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