Midsummer Scream, the Halloween, haunt and horror festival, heading to Long Beach July 30-31

Midsummer scream

What’s up, horror fans? Why wait until Halloween to get your scary fix when you can attend a spooky convention catered to all things Halloween, haunt and horror this month? Midsummer Scream is coming to the Long Beach Convention Center on July 30th and 31st, and it will be filled with vendors, live entertainment, specialty workshops, makeup demonstrations, a screening room, haunted attraction previews and experiences, special guests and more.

Heavy hitters like Knott’s Berry Farm, Universal Studios, The Queen Mary, Six Flags Magic Mountain and Walt Disney Imagineering will be previewing/discussing their haunted attractions to fans.

Universal Studios Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights will have a special presentation with John Murdy and Chris Williams. Six Flags Magic Mountain will preview Halloween at Fright Fest. The Queen Mary will reveal a new major maze and its new character for Dark Harbor. Walt Disney Imagineering will discuss with fans The Art of Illusioneering including a look back at attractions like Haunted Mansion.

Front of House Sunset

Haunted house fans are in for a treat on Sunday, July 31st. There will be a 60-minute presentation of the Winchester Mystery House, a popular haunted house in California, featuring rare photographs, footage, and ghost stories. Maybe this will give you the courage to venture into the San Francisco Bay Area and into the 160-room Victorian mansion.

For those Oingo Boingo fans, Oingo Boingo Dance Party will be headlining the Noche de los Muertos (Night of the Dead) celebration and costume contest on Saturday evening July 30th. The band consists of former Oingo Boingo members Johnny Vatos, Steve Bartek, John Avila, Sam “Sluggo” Phipps, Carl Graves and Doug Lacy and other musicians.

You can get tickets to the Noche de los Muertos party with performance by Oingo Boingo Dance Party at www.MidsummerScream.org.

Higgings Manor Teaase

Photo credit: Albert Lam

The Hall of Shadows dark zone will allow attendees to actually experience roaming monsters, entertainment and 9 mini haunted attractions. They will get to watch the Decayed Brigade perform the art of sliding, a scare tactic created decades ago from the streets of Ghost Town at Knott’s Scary Farm. The mini haunted attractions include Fear Station: Escape the Windigo, Dead Zone 805, Savage House, Perdition Home, The Fleshyard, Higgins Manor, Spooky Hollows, Scareventures Presents: Sea of Terror, Gorlesque: The Haunted Burlesque.

And the best thing of all? You can see Nerd Reactor there since we’ll be doing one of our next cosplay music videos!

For more information on Midsummer Scream, visit its site at www.MidsummerScream.org.

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