Javier Bardem in talks to join monster-themed cinematic universe

Universal’s already in the process of shaping its monster-themed cinematic universe in the same vein as Marvel Studios. It already has huge actors connected to the various films like Johnny Depp, who’ll be playing The Invisible Man, and Russell Crowe, who’ll tackle the duel role of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Now, there’s news that Javier Bardem, another A-lister, is in early negotiations to play Frankenstein.

Now, it’s still unclear as to whether Bardem is in talks to play Dr. Frankenstein or his creation, Frankenstein’s monster. As well, the actor might not appear in his own stand-alone film, but instead appear in one or more other films in the monster universe.

Apparently, the actor was up for the role of Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde until it ultimately went to Crowe.

We’ll see Crowe star alongside Tom Cruise who’ll play a special forces solider in 2017’s The Mummy reboot, one of the first films in the series. Meanwhile, Bardem’s next film is The Last Face, directed by Sean Penn and co-starring Charlize Theron.

Via The Hollywood Reporter

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