Hands-on impressions of online shooter, LawBreakers


Thanks to Overwatch, my interest in online shooters has piqued, so it’s no surprise that I jumped at the chance to play LawBreakers, the upcoming game from Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski’s studio Boss Key Productions. Set years after an event called “The Shattering” where the moon was destroyed, gravity has been severely altered and criminals are taking advantage of it. This separates the game’s team into the Law and the Breakers.

Since it’s currently in Alpha, the graphics engine is not up to snuff, mainly in performance. It has a realistic art style running on Unreal Engine 4, but with 30fps so far, that dramatically affected my skill (or maybe I’m just not that good at it). The mode I played involved catching a battery at the center of the map, which just so happens to be a weak gravity spot. The rest is normal separated by an energy field. Each team’s goal is to catch the battery and finish charging it at their base.


The characters are separated into 4 different classes: Assassin, Enforcer, Titan, and Vanguard; each class has a different character for each team. For example, the Enforcer on the Law’s side is Axel and on the Breaker’s side is Kintaro, but they play similarly. Enforcers are armed with assault rifles and charge pistols (which I found to be more effective at times), and they can speed up time around them and their teammates with a distortion field. Titans are giant berserk characters with an enormous amount of health and strength. Armed with a rocket launcher and temper, these guys can be good for beginners.

Assassins specialize in close-quarters combat with blades and shotguns, and these ladies take some SERIOUS skill to master. Finally, the Vanguards are literally death-from-above utilizing miniguns and jetpacks to make the most of normal and zero-gravity locations.


So far, LawBreakers seems promising, but I would like to come back to it once the optimization has improved. It plays well and I would like to play some more, but my performance was hindered by the framerate. LawBreakers will be coming out this year exclusively on PC, and you can sign up for the Alpha on the game’s website.

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