Arma 3 Apex expansion is out and features new lands


Arma 3 has just released its new Apex expansion which adds a new map in the form of the South Pacific archipelago of Tanoa, in addition to a number of new pieces of gear to be revealed therein.

Tanoa measures 100 km² with a variety of terrains from sugar cane fields to sizable cities. New factions are added as well in the form of Tanoa’s gendarmerie and a criminal group known as Syndikat. There is also the addition of new weapons, gear, vehicles as well as kit with tropical skins. There’s also a new update which has brought a lot of changes to Arma 3. You can see the changelog here:

Arma 3 Apex is out for $35 USD. The Arma 3 Apex Edition features the base game and the DLC for $70 USD.

Have a peek at Tanoa while you’re at it.

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