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Nerd Reactor has reviewed several escape rooms, and we wanted to know what it would be like to solve these puzzles with someone we didn’t know. Several escape room employees have said that groups with the fastest times were sometimes made up of strangers. We decided to give it a shot with Jerry Ferrara (Entourage) and Breanne Racano from the Bad 4 Business Podcast. This BF/GF duo has had their podcast going strong for a couple of years now. As fans of their podcast know, they have done a few escape rooms themselves, and we thought this would be really fun to team up with them. In the Nerd Reactor corner are Robert Galvan, Arvin Santiago and me. Many escape rooms allow up to 12 people (I think that’s too many), and we were a little nervous about whether or not we would be able to succeed with only 5, but we’re always up for the challenge.

The Castle Room

maze rooms la castle

Image credit: Maze Rooms LA

The stage was set at Maze Rooms in Los Angeles, and the company was awesome enough to let us check out one of the rooms for our group “blind date”. Once we set foot in the establishment, we could already tell that this was not a fly-by-night operation. Now after doing our check in and going over some simple rules, our host set the story for the escape room and led us to our challenge, the Castle. It was dark upon entering the room… like candlelight dark! We were equipped with one lantern and a walkie-talkie for hints. The room was decked out with skeletons, armored knights and loose treasure, giving it a sort of Hogwarts/Game of Thrones/Goonies kind of feel.

Everyone immediately split up examining the room for clues to bring to the table. This was hard since we couldn’t really see without the lantern. We were told that this room in particular was linear, meaning one clue would lead to the next. The lantern really brought us together to look at one clue at a time. Soon enough we started busting through clues one after another. We were killing it! The cool thing about this room is once you complete a puzzle it sometimes triggers something mechanical. It doesn’t reveal its secrets that easily. You’ll hear a drawer pop open or a click, or see a light flicker and then still have to figure out what happened and what we’ve unlocked. Once the final key to escape the Castle was presented, it definitely gave us all a scare (maybe I peed a little).

Bre was so proud of our achievement she marched straight out of the castle and yelled, “How much time is left?!”

“25 minutes!” the Maze Rooms host rejoiced.

And that, my friends, is how you OWN an escape room. Nerd Reactor and Bad 4 Business sieged the castle in only 35 minutes total with 25 to spare. Success!

FBI Room

Image credit: Maze Rooms LA

Image credit: Maze Rooms LA

The fun doesn’t stop there. Because we went through ‘Castle’ fairly easily, our host asked us if we wanted to try their hardest room, ‘FBI’. Of course we accepted the challenge. Two rooms in one night! Unlike Castle’s 39% success rate, FBI only had a 19% success rate (it’s listed as impossible on the site). This was going to be tough, but we were now unified as an unstoppable force. After a brief climb up a set of stairs, we’re greeted with a room that resembles an “FBI” office. We find some clues and puzzles and can already tell that this room was leagues ahead of ‘Castle’ as far as difficulty. This one had several rooms within it, and once inside, you’re greeted with more clues and puzzles.

Jerry and I solved one that triggered a picture on the wall to drop, scaring Robert as he walked by. (Oops!) Bre and Arvin unlocked an entirely new section of the room. I’ll admit, our team got stuck at some points, but luckily Maze gave us three hints to help make our way through the room. There came a point where we seemed to have solved all the puzzles but were still missing one key element. We were stuck, frustrated, and lost. The only thing we could do was to go over every puzzle again and see if there was something we missed. Thankfully Breanne remembered that we had one more hint that we could use and that last hint saved us big time and allowed us to find our key that would lead us out of the room.

Our official time? 53 minutes! That’s right; Nerd Reactor and Bad 4 Business escaped two escape rooms back to back. This victory felt more satisfying knowing the struggle we all experienced. Our overconfidence from doing so well in the Castle room went to our heads a bit in FBI. Overall we persevered and were one of the very few teams to complete FBI. Newly-fused team ‘Nerd 4 Business’ is ready to take on ALL of the escape rooms!

Final Reaction

What Maze Rooms has in store for its guests are some truly impressive escape rooms. The great thing is that each room it has created has different difficulty ratings and is set up to be either linear or non-linear. This variety caters to everyone who wants to try an escape room as a newbie or expert looking for their next fix. The rooms that we’ve tried were designed beautifully from top to bottom. They made sure we felt as if we were truly part of that theme when walking into the rooms. ‘Castle’ and ‘FBI’ really tested us to make sure that we paid attention to every small detail, because if you were to miss even the slightest detail, it could mean failure.

If you’re a first-timer to the realm of escape rooms, I would highly recommend you to try out ‘Castle’. The puzzles are moderately difficult and each clue leads to the next. If you’re an escape room enthusiast, like us at Nerd Reactor and Bad 4 Business Podcast, and ready for a challenge, I would recommend you to try out ‘FBI’. The puzzles can be somewhat difficult, due to the fact that you really have to pay attention to what you’re doing and what is around you, and the room isn’t so straightforward with the clues, and it’s easy to miss certain things.

Maze Rooms has several rooms spread out across the Los Angeles area. Check out MazeRooms.com to book your next escape room visit and bring your friends, family or co-workers, and most importantly, bring your “A” game.

We would like to give a special thanks to Jerry Ferrara and Breanne Racano of the Bad 4 Business Podcast for joining us. They came in with the eye of the tiger, ready to conquer these escape rooms. To hear what they have to say about our Maze Rooms escape-ade, tune into their podcast on B4BEnt.com, and while you’re there listening to their awesome podcast, follow them on Instagram and Twitter @B4BPodcast.

For all our gamers, check out Jerry’s Twitch channel at Twitch.tv/jerryferrara15.

For all our foodies, make sure to check out one of Nerd Reactor’s favorite sandwich shops at FatSalsDeli.com.

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