Steam player spends $13,000 to surpass Level 1000

Actual Representation

Actual Representation

It’s over 9000!!!!!!!!!!

There. With the obligatory joke out of the way, a user by the name of St4ck has reached Level 1113 on the player database. What is Level 1000 and why does it matter? When you create a profile on Steam you start out at Level 0/1 depending on if you already have games installed or not, and the more you play and buy, the more you level up. And it’s also for bragging rights. So needless to say, this intrepid user has really set the bar for what it means to have the biggest library and the highest level, and showed that it’ll take $13,000 to do it.

Now the question remains, what’s he going to play first?

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Source: GameZone

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